What is the purpose of this energy self-assessment tool?


The initial version of this tool (POE – Post Occupancy Evaluation) was developed as part of the TRAINEE project in 2019, marking its beginnings. Since then, as we have been exploring various possibilities.

These updates of the POE web tools were implemented because some local representatives requested improvements and new functionalities for the POE Web tool that will fit their needs. The POE tools serve as efficient research and data collection instruments, making them highly practical for quickly acquiring both energy and non-energy data for specific cities, municipalities, regions, or even entire countries.

On the other hand, the POE web application has gained recognition as an energy self-assessment tool that households may utilize to identify spots of inefficiency in their homes and receive guidance on how to enhance energy efficiency. One advantage of the tool is that it allows for the creation of an unlimited number of surveys, which can be customized to suit the area or requirements of the surveyor.

The tool has been enhanced with cutting-edge visualizations that feature easily comprehensible and visually appealing images, facilitating improved comparisons and presentation of results. These representations are highly legible and can enhance the efficiency of the decision-making process.

This tool is available for use on the project’s E-TOOLS hub at https://seetheskills.eu/e-tools. These tools were created to level the playing field and connect the abilities to both national and EU qualifying requirements.

All of the tools created throughout the project’s operations are listed below:

a) E-learning platform, can provide training programs to a broad user base without regard to location. Additional details can be found at https://e-learning.ks.org.mk/login/index.php

b) e-RPL is a method that recognizes prior learning in a digital environment through a series of steps and certification.

c) Microlearning & Gamification: An aid for training that uses games to make learning easier and faster for personnel.

d) Mobile application for self-assessment of skills: This app will act as a means of enabling employees to compare their credentials and skill sets.

e) Digital badge will make it easier for employees to move around, highlight the need for worker upskilling, and increase a company’s competitiveness.

f) Find your craftsman will make it possible to match and locate professionals with the most suitable talents when needed.


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