A questioner is a tool that can help you to realize the areas in your home that influence the consumption and the costs of energy. It is meant to be answered by inhabitants without having professional knowledge of energy efficiency.

Answering the questions, you will receive a Report indicating the potential savings of energy in your home and need for interventions for increasing energy efficiency, with improving the comfort and healthy environment, independent of the existence or not the existence of Certificate for energy characteristics of the buildings.

The buildings and flats having a Certificate for energy characteristics of buildings are privileged and have an advantage because they have stabile data for comparison and to analyze their consumption and costs for different usages of energy. The others can start their journey to the energy-efficient living, facing the gaps in using energy, but also recognizing possibilities for savings.

If you are interested in a deeper analysis of energy consumption in your homes and want to make serious improvements, an Energy audit from a company with a License for an energy audit is recommended.

This tool can get you the full picture when it comes to your energy consumption. Our Home Online Home Energy Assessment Tool illustrates the factors that contribute to your energy costs.

It helps you understand where your money is going and then shows you how you can save. When you know where your money is going it’s easier to make money-saving decisions!


  • The tool is free and easy to use.
  • Receive customized information on efficiency upgrades that could save you money on your bill.
  • Receive tips for no-cost and low-cost actions that can save you money.
  • Receive information on incentive programs that we offer to help make your home more power-efficient.
  • Renovating? This is a great way to identify areas where you could improve your home’s efficiency BEFORE you start.
  • Who Can Take Part – Everyone

*This assessment provides general consumption information and ways to save on your utility bills. This is not a representation of the exact savings you could see on your utility bills.

If you want professional Home Energy Assessment, then get a licensed Energy Auditor in North Macedonia

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